This Mexican fire opal looks like a sunset above the clouds when illuminated just right.
Image credit: Jeff Schultz

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Tony Roberts
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Cops have been put on notice: Let the cameras roll.

Camera-shy cops across the city were reminded they can’t legally take action to stop someone from filming them while they’re on the beat, the Daily News has learned. The refresher was provided in a memo the chief of department’s office distributed to all police commands Wednesday.

“Members of the public are legally allowed to record police interactions,” the memo states. “Intentional interference such as blocking or obstructing cameras or ordering the person to cease constitutes censorship and also violates the First Amendment.”

Cops can take action if videographers and shutterbugs “interfere with police operations,” the memo notes.

spread this like wildfire

when you see abuse, take out your phone and film that shit. 

Post it on youtube, send it to the news, let the whole world hear about it.

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Lucero By Darren Ankenman
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“It’s funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen.”
A Clockwork Orange (1971) dir. Stanley Kubrick
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